Todaysmeet on the day

Last year we had more than 18000 students join this event. Todaysmeet was really valuable but  pretty hectic. To make it work better please help us by setting up in the following way.

Organise students groups of 2-3 to share a device.

Each group will need a nickname (We moderate but you know your students! and if they know you are watching it makes all of the difference) We also want them to be non-identifiable online.

Use your school initials eg Melbourne City High School = MCHS and any number under 1000 to combine to create their Nickname = MCHS347  (You might want to orgainse by class further)

We have set up multiple Todaysmeet discussions (see the links)

For schools whose names begin with the following letter go to the adjacent room (All your students will be in together)

It would be great if you could also go to the room to keep an eye on your students.


First letter of
School Name
 Todaysmeet discussion link

Looks like this


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